So Faded Version 2
Hi everyone!  Guess what's on my needles?  Another sweater!  and not just any sweater, another So Faded sweater!  Why another one?  Because I appreciate the simplicity of the sweater, the amazing fit of it, and how it's an easy way to use up those single skeins of yarn!
First, I must show off a little project I recently finished. In my last blog post, I talked about Figaro Frog by Noknitsherlock (Susan Claudino).  He is for my mom for mother's day.  But I finished knitting two more friends.  BonBon bunny-for my youngest daughter's 7th birthday (which is tomorrow-Star Wars Day) and The Voodoo doll for my older daughter.  Of course my older daughter is getting it on my younger daughter's birthday.  When I was little, I never got presents on my brother's birthday, but it seems to be the thing to do these days!
Just as a reminder, Fiagro Frog is knit with HY DK yarn in an OOAK.  I knit Bon Bon with a fingering weight and a sport weight held together.  One was an OOAK and the other was called Sprinkles on Tap.  Though, both skeins looked practically the same.  
Voodoo was knit with a mystery yarn club skein called Midnight Lagoon.  Didn't this little guy turn out perfect?!  I just love his floppy tuft of hair.  To do the hair, I cut 5" bits of yarn and used a crochet hook to loop and knot it on the stitches.  I started with just the crown thinking I would give him a mohock, but decided that the tuft is perfect. 
Back in January, I finished knitting a So Faded sweater using the 24 mini skeins from last year's advent kit.  I've been wanting to make the sweater with an actual fade.  For my size, I need just under 1200 yards of yarn-3 skeins of HY.  I am using April's Mystery Yarn Club first.  I took a sneak peak at May's because a little bird told me it coordinates nicely with April--and it does!  So that will come next in the fade and I will finish the fade with Almond Milk.  I hope to have the sweater finished by the end of May!  Wish me luck!
Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting, Brianne
Written by Brianne Matlage

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