Makers Gonna Sell Podcast Episode 3: Top Productivity Hacks

Episode 03 - Top productivity hacks to help you smash your business goals

Do you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? If so, you're not alone.  

As business owners, we set big, lofty goals for ourselves but then struggle with being productive and accomplishing everything we need to get done. 

Life gets busy and there’s a lot of background noise we need to tune out if we’re gonna stay focused and concentrate on the work that will move us closer to achieving our goals. 

In today’s episode, we share examples from our own hand dyed yarn businesses on how you can be as productive as possible without sacrificing your personal or social life in the process.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What are SMART Goals and why are they important  [00:03:30]
  • Lessons you can take from tracking your time [00:05:58]
  • How planning for the unexpected can save your sanity [00:18:05]
  • Cheryl’s first big business goal was a catalyst for launching the yarn subscription that eventually beame Yarnable [00:38:09]

...and so much more!

Needle Mover 

  • We’re closing out every episode by declaring a Needle Mover in each of our businesses. You learn more about what a Needle Mover is and what it isn’t in episode 2 of the podcast.
  • Cheryl’s Needle Mover [0:45:48]
  • Nicky’s Needle Mover  [0:46:59]

Don’t forget to share YOUR Needle Mover with us on Instagram by posting it to your Stories and tagging us, or shoot us a DM. Together, let’s make a BIG impact in our businesses over the next 2 weeks!

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Written by Brianne Matlage
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