Makers Gonna Sell Podcast Episode 1: Courage Over Confidence

Episode 01 - Courage Over Confidence: Action is the cure for fear
November 15, 2021

Welcome to our very first episode of the Makers Gonna Sell podcast! In this episode, we're talking about why you don't need confidence to start a business and how we can still do big, scary things, even when we're terrified.

We all know that starting a business is hard. But what if you're not confident enough to start? Most people are afraid of failure, so they never take action on their dreams. 

This week we're discussing why fear holds us back - and what we can do about it. 

Get ready for an empowering discussion that will leave you feeling like anything's possible! 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Feelings aren’t facts - the difference between confidence and courage [00.09.23]
  • Finding your "Why" and how to use that when business gets scary [00:13:03]
  • Moving past fear, stress, and anxiety [00:19:48]
  • How to cope with comparisonitis on social media [00:28:23]
  • Tips for responding to mean comments or bad reviews [00:31:44]
  • How to deal with friends or family who don’t share your vision [00:40:49]

...and so much more!

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Written by Brianne Matlage
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