March yARNaBLE Featured Maker: Imagined Landscapes

Say Hi to Sarah from Imagined Landscapes. She is our second maker included in the March Yarnable box!

Sarah is a pattern designer, known for her gnomes. She has long loved gnomes and the way they have a goofy dignity.

And while gnomes really make Sarah stand out, she also loves to focus on projects that have an inner logic so that you can get into a bit of a flow state if possible, that look harder than they are. She wants people who use her patterns to feel like they’ve learned something, but mostly like they’ve gained confidence in their skills.

The cabled gnome "Here We Gnome Again" is by far her most popular gnome.

Sarah has an awesome event happening this year! The Year of Gnomes - it’s a low-key knitalong all about having fun and knitting gnomes.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny gnome, or the same one every month, or if you only manage two in the year. There are super supportive and fun threads on her Ravelry group, and through her Patreon you can join monthly Zoom hangouts where you show each other your gnomes and ask questions.

Be sure to give Sarah a follow on social media & check out her other amazing gnome patterns!!

Thank you, Sarah!

Written by Cheryl Ham

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