The Knitted Gift-a mad lib

Happy Monday readers!

Who's down for a fun, free word game?  Cheryl created a funny, yarn related mad lib for us to play.  This one is titled "The Knitted Gift".  We all know the best, and most hilarious, aspect of a mad lib is the ridiculousness behind the story.  It's always best to choose words BEFORE reading the mad lib for a more exciting surprise ending.

To start off, please choose your words and write them in the order below. If you have never done a mad lib, then you will choose a word based on the below category. 
For example: if the category is 'adjective' you will write down 'blue' or 'soft' or 'cold', etc.  Then, when you download the mad lib, you will fill in the blanks with your chosen words in the order written.


1.  Male Family Member
2.  Noun-more specifically a 'thing'
3.  Body Part
4.  Number
5. Exclamation
6. Adjective
7.  Noun
8.  Room in a House
9.  Place
10.  Number
11.  Article of Clothing
12.  Adjective
13.  Place
14.  Adjective
15.  Adjective
16.  Body Part

Do you have all of your words written down?  Now click to open the mad lib and read the story putting YOUR words into the blanks. 

Here is mine:
I wanted to knit my husband longjohns for his birthday.  I wasn't sure what size to knit, so I measured his neck and found it was 13 inches long.  Whoa!  I had no idea he was so thick.  I printed the layout but didn't have enough yarn in my crap room, so I made a special trip to the Hypnotic Yarn website.  With all my supplies ready, I was finally able to cast on.  It took me 52 months!  But it was worth it, because in the end the pants looked tiny. He loved it!  When he wore it to the champagne brunch everyone said he looked repulsive in it, and boy was I relieved to hear that!  I'm just glad nobody mentioned his extra large hands!


I want to know yours!  Please leave a comment with your 16 words so we can all read it too!

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Written by Brianne Matlage

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