Interview Series: Renee

Howdy readers!  Today we have another knitters interview series for you.  Renee has pattern tested for us and is a beautiful knitter.  Please welcome her to the stage!


Q: Hi Renee!  Thanks for joining us! Why did you start knitting and how did you learn?
A: When I was 8 yrs. old, I saw my next door neighbor, Tina, knitting. She was a teenager, so probably around 14 or 15 years old. She taught me how to knit and crochet. We moved about 6 months later. It was easier to crochet, and I could find books at our local library, so I stuck with crochet for a very long time. I still enjoy it, but my true love was knitting, but I didn’t know what to do when I dropped a stitch. In 2010, my foster son said he wanted to learn to knit; I decided to reteach myself how. Jonathan, who is now my son-in-law, is left handed. I had to teach myself left-handed crochet so I could teach him that first because It is easier to learn and fix mistakes. I have mastered how to fix mistakes since then!! It is important because Jonny and I both have a need to do things as perfect as we can, and I want to give him as much knowledge as possible.


Q: What a great story! Do you have a favorite type of project or design element?
A: I love ALL of it! I have designed a lot of scarves, baby blankets, and full size afghans, in both knit and crochet.



Q: You are a true fiber artist! Do you have a favorite yarn weight? What types of colorways are you drawn to?
A: It is funny, but up to 10 months ago, I only knew worsted weight acrylic! Now, I LOVE DK and fingering weight wools and wool blends. I am afraid I'm becoming a yarn snob! Although, I must say acrylic blends have grown in softness in the last couple of years.


Q: That leads to our next question.  Are you a yarn hoarder or do you only buy with specific patterns in mind?
A: I have enough yarn for 2 small classes. As I clear my throat, … I LOVE YARN!


Q: Do you have a favorite FO? What makes it so special?
A: I think my favorite FO to date is a 4 color lap blanket I designed and knit on commission for my husband’s co-worker, Leslie. I was very apprehensive about her color choices to begin with: periwinkle, salmon, and teal. I made some swatches, and convinced her to let me add an ivory white. It has color work and it is the first time I asked my husband to print the pattern out on huge paper for me. I didn’t add the blank/no stitch blocks for me, because I didn’t know how much ink/paper it would take. I had to remember where these spaces were.


Q: That sounds intense! What do you like most about knitting?
A: It is less stressful than crochet on my wrists. I love the look, the tidiness, and feel of knitted cloth. I love cables!!


Q: What patterns are on your short list to make in 2018?
A: Hanami Shawl, Featherweight sweater, and socks. I also need to finish the afghan I designed for my daughter and son-in-law.


Q: Beautiful choices! Do you go to an in person or online knitting group:
A: They only just started a knitting group at my local library’s community space. If the times are agreeable, I will probably go.


Q: Do you have a favorite LYS or two? Tell us about them.
A: We do NOT have a LYS. AC Moore and Hobby Lobby are 25 miles away.


Q: Do you have a favorite knitting resource, link, video or any tip/trick you can share?
A: Craftsy and YouTube have been invaluable to me as learning resources!


Q: Do you crochet, weave, spin, or sew? What other crafts/hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not knitting?
A: I crochet, sew, bead, draw, paint, do leather work, wood hand carving, make jewelry, knit, of course, and have a small bead loom. I convinced my 11 year old to let me have her new hand loom. I bought her something else; it is just sitting in the box she received it in. I have an AS Graphic Design/Computer Graphics Degree.


Q: That is a glorious hobby list! Is there anything you wished I’d asked and didn’t? Tell us anyway!
A: Maybe what I love about Hypnotic Yarns!??


QUICK FIRE Questions:

Q: What Hogwarts house do you belong to?  
A: Gryffindor, of course!


Q: Go-to sock pattern?
A: I haven’t knit any socks yet, but I did print out the pattern, and directions for Fish Lip Kiss Heels. It is my next challenge, to knit myself a pair of socks. If I accomplish this, then watch out family and friends! LOL


Q: What color is your toothbrush?
A: Dentist gave me purple! LOL Usually I buy green for myself.


Q: If you could be any animal what would it be?
A: A timber wolf.


Q: Who is your favorite super hero?
A: WOW!  When I was little it was a toss between Wonder Woman, the Bionic Woman, and Sheena of the Jungle. We didn’t have many female role models in the early 70’s. When I was a teenager I loved Madonna! She broke all kinds of social stigmas.


Q: Do you knit in public?
A: Yes, all of the time!


Q: Favorite snack food?
A: Potato chips, usually Herrs Sour Crème and Onion or Russet Dark.


Q: Are you a morning or a night person?
A: Night, but I would do both, if I could! LOL


Q: Where would you go if you were invisible?
A: Ummm, I think the Louvre Museum – so no one would bother me, while I absorbed everything around me. I could sit and sketch at my leisure! Every castle I could visit, including Buckingham!!


Q: Do you block your socks?
A: I did purchase sock blockers already, so I am saying yes even though I haven’t knit them yet.


Thank you to Renee and to our readers for stopping by!
Happy Hypno-Knitting!

Written by Brianne Matlage

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