Interview Series: Crazy Sock Lady

For our 4th installment of the Interview Series, we welcome Kay, The Crazy Sock Lady, to the stage.  Kay has a fun podcast over on YouTube.  Not only is she adorable and knowledgeable, but she says 'yall'. That word warms my soul! You can also find her patterns (mostly socks) on Ravelry.  


    Q: Thank you for stopping by, Kay!  Welcome to the Hypno-blog.  Why did you start knitting and how did you learn?

    A: I learned to crochet as a child, as I got older I was more drawn to the fabric of knitted items. I felt that for garment making knitting just gave it a more classic look. But, I felt completely intimidated by the whole 2 needle thing. Then my sister in law started learning to knit and I thought - "I can totally do that!" So, I went to a local big box store and bought needles, yarn, and a Better Homes and Garden 1-2-3- Knit book. YouTube wasn't as big back then so I learned completely from that book. I actually think I still have that book!


      Q: What an inspiring story!  Do you have a favorite type of project or design element?

      A: Most definitely socks - main reason being that they are so portable and mindless! I love a project that I can take anywhere. Socks sometimes end up in the kitchen with me while I'm making dinner, in the car (when I'm not driving of course!), waiting for appointments, when we go out to eat. They are so small and if you aren't doing a crazy pattern they are completely mindless and easy to work on while carrying on a conversation. I truly think they make for the best on the go knitting. My favorite design element...I love a good heel flap and gusset. There are so many heels out there for socks but give me a good old fashioned heel flap and gusset and I'm a happy knitter. 


        Q: I couldn't agree more!  I find the heel the most rewarding part of a sock. Do you have a favorite yarn weight? What types of colorways are you drawn to?

        A: I almost exclusively work with fingering weight yarn. I tend to be drawn to richer colors. Deep maroons, purples. I love all shades of greys.


          Q: We assume you have a lot of yarn, but are you a yarn hoarder or do you only buy with specific patterns in mind?

          A: I am without a doubt a yarn hoarder. Sometimes I do purchase with a specific pattern in mind. But mostly...I just buy because I love a colorway! My thought process is that if it is fingering weight with nylon I know that I can always use it for socks. Justification at its finest!


            Q: You don't need to justify yarn purchases to us! Do you have a favorite FO? What makes it so special?

            A: This is always a tricky one for me because I tend to fall so in love with things that I make while I'm making them. So, I'm going to go with my latest favorite FO which is The Insouciant Tee by Julie Hoover. I made it out of lace weight held double - my very first time using lace weight yarn. It was Anzula Luxury Fibers - which was another first for me. And it was my first time making a tee! So a lot of firsts with this one. It has started a bit of an obsession with me wanting to make all the tees! Also, the fit on it was PERFECT!


              Q: OH. MY. WORD! Your sweater is phenomenal and the colors could not be more perfect!  What do you like most about knitting?

              A: This is a topic I could go on and on about... but I think if I had to pick one thing it would be the relaxing nature of it. I love the feel of the needles in my hands and the yarn running through my fingers. It's almost meditative in a way.


                Q: What patterns are on your short list to make in 2018?

                A: Two patterns that are at the top of my list are: Tegna by Caitlin Hunter and Imogen Tee by Carrie Bostick Hoge, again with wanting to make all the tee's! They are going to be a staple in AZ! 


                  Q: You have excellent taste in patterns! Do you go to an in person or online knitting group?

                  A: I started a knitting group here in NC that meets every Friday morning at a local cafe. They are the most amazing group of ladies!


                    Q: What a fun thing thing to look forward to every week! Do you have a favorite LYS or two? Tell us about them.

                    A: My LYS is The Salty Sheep in Swansboro, NC. Peggy is the owner and it's a lovely shop! My favorite thing about the shop is that every single time I have been in, there are ladies sitting around the table knitting and chatting. It just makes for a warm, welcoming feeling when you go in. They are all always happy to help with suggestions and help with patterns if you are stuck. Peggy also has a wonderful selection of yarn, bags, notions, books. You are sure to walk in and find something that you just can't leave without. 


                      Q: I can't help but be jealous of your knitting support groups! Do you have a favorite knitting resource, link, video or any a tip / trick you can share?

                      A: I am pretty obsessed with the Kirby Wirby Afterthought Heel video on YouTube. It is my favorite heel to use with self striping yarn because it wont interfere with the stripe sequence. And I love this method if not using any self striping yarn.


                        Q: Thanks for the link! We are all always looking for more resources and tips! Do you crochet, weave, spin, or sew? What other crafts / hobbies to you enjoy when you’re not knitting?

                        A: I do crochet, it was kind of my first love with the fiber arts. I don't tend to do it as often now because knitting has definitely taken over my life. But I still really enjoy it when I get a chance to do it. I do not weave or spin, those are just two things I have not been interested in trying so far. Sewing...I have attempted. And I have such an interesting relationship with it. Occasionally I will get the bug to give it a try... but it never goes well. Haha! I have always really enjoy cross stitching, it is something that I have been feeling the itch to pick up and do again.


                          Q: Is there anything you wished I’d asked and didn’t? Tell us!

                          A: Just thought a little known fact about me would be fun... my full name is Kayla. But, almost everyone calls me Kay...except my sister Kassie who refuses. haha!


                            Quick Fire questions:

                              Q: Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?
                              A: Gryffindor


                              Q: Go-to sock pattern?
                              A: Rhinebeck Roomies

                              Q: What color is your toothbrush?
                              A: Purple

                              Q: If you could be any animal what would it be?
                              A: Cat

                              Q: Who is your favorite super hero?
                              A: Superman

                              Q: Do you knit in public?
                              A: Yes!

                              Q: Favorite snack food?
                              A: Skinny Pop Popcorn

                              (note from the Brianne: this makes it less skinny, but when I was little, we melted Almond Bark-white candy melts-, drizzled it on top of popcorn then sprinkled M&Ms on before it dries....yum!)

                              Q: Are you a morning or a night person?
                              A: Morning

                              Q: Where would you go if you were invisible?
                              A: No idea! 

                              Q: Do you block your socks?
                              A: Nope


                                Tell us a little about yourself!

                                My name is Kay Litton, I was born and raised in West Virginia. I met my husband Eric my freshman year of high school and we have been married now for 12 years. We have two sons, Austin and Wyatt. We have two dogs, Gracie and Chloe who are equally adorable and rotten. My husbands job has had us all over the US, which has been a lot of fun! We currently live in NC but are gearing up for a move to AZ the beginning of June. You can find me on IG and Ravelry as thecrazysocklady and I do also have a podcast on YouTube called Crazy Sock Lady Podcast. I have patterns available for purchase on Ravelry under Crazy Sock Lady Designs.


                                Thank you kindly, Kay, for spending time with us. We hope your move went smoothly and that you find new and fantastic knitting friends in Arizona!

                                Written by Brianne Matlage


                                Oh no!! I am always obsessed with socks…but Kay’s delightful obsession with tees may now be contagious! Those 2 patterns.. wow!! Inspiration striking…but first to finish those 3 sets of socks on the go and my crochet blanket strips…HA HA lol
                                We all know a tee will be cast on imminently😊😊
                                Thanks for a wonderful interview!!

                                Val Clausen on Jun 24, 2018

                                Really enjoyed this interview with Kay! Her podcast is delightful and so is she!

                                Linda in VA

                                Linda Huson on Jun 23, 2018

                                Wow a person who is more sock crazy than I and all I can say is oh no maybe I need to try a Tee.
                                I love to make socks for all the same reasons as Kay, so how could I miss this interview!?!

                                Dino on Jun 22, 2018

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