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Welcome to Hypnotic Yarn's blog! 

May the 4th is an exciting day!  It is the day of our first blog post; it is Star Wars Day; it is the day before Margarita Day (Cinco de Mayo); and it's my youngest daughter's birthday.  So many reasons to celebrate!

This blog will be the home of yarn discussions, Hypnotic Yarn pattern details and reviews, and many other fun things that I haven't thought of yet. (I am a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal. Ha!)

Today, we will be chatting about the Lianna Hat.  However, before we do, I'd like to introduce you to the mastermind behind these gorgeous skeins of yarn. 

This is Cheryl.  She is the owner/creator/dyer/skein twister/beautiful face behind the yarn.  She and her two Chihuahuas work hard from their New Hampshire studio to bring you the softness yarns in the most brilliant colorways.


This is me, Brianne, and Pluto.  I awarded myself the title of Hypno-therapist.  I am here to help Cheryl be awesome...and I also write blog posts.


Let's move on to knitting.
A few months ago, the Lianna Hat was released.  It is a quick and easy knit using twisted ribbing and a yarn over repeat to create a beautiful textured pattern.  The stitch is delicate and so pretty, but so, so easy to do. So simple and repetitive that it is easy to watch TV or listen to an audiobook while knitting.  I would rate the difficulty of the pattern as an advanced beginner.

If you are looking for a new book series, I recently discovered The Dragonian series by Adrienne Woods.  It's basically Harry Potter but dragons instead of wizards. I found the audiobooks for free through my local public library.  I've been devouring them while working on my two current knitting projects.  I'm on book 4 out of 5.  I don't know what I will do once I'm done.  Maybe re-read?  I tend to get so into the narrative desperately NEEDING to know what happens, that I speed through the first time and then truly enjoy the books on subsequent readings.  Does that happen to anyone else?

Lianna uses DK weight yarn (approx 130 yards/119m) and sizes US 3 (3.25mm) and 4 (3.5mm) needles. It fits head circumferences 22-23 inches. This is a snugger fit with little slouch.  If you are a slouchy hat fan, you can increase the needle size (after the ribbing) and add a few more rounds of stockinette in between the pattern repeats. Or you can cast on additional stitches if you feel confident doing so.  (*tip-you can add 4 or 10 more cast on stitches and follow the instructions for a larger head circumference.)

Oh, did I mention that Lianna is only $4?!

H.Y.'s DK weight is 231 yards/100 grams and is 100% merino wool.  I love how soft and luxurious Merino sheep's fur is.

However, I had a skein of Victorian Hairpin in worsted weight sitting around so I decided to use it.  Unfortunately, Victorian Hairpin was a One Of A Kind (OOAK) colorway that is now sold out. So sad because it's one of the prettiest colorways I've ever seen. Sorry for the bad news. I used size US 6 to knit this Lianna.  I honestly have no idea how my gauge ended up spot on with a heavier yarn and larger needle size, but oh what a happy accident! I did add a few more rounds of stockinette after the last set of texture repeats but before the crown decrease began.

I used all of my left over yarn to make a massive pompom for the top. I don't have a fancy pom pom maker, though I have heard they are worth the purchase.  I used the tried and trued 'wrap yarn around my hand method'.  Lianna is a perfect one skein project!

Insider knowledge: the matching Lianna Mitts is in the development stage and will be going to testers soon!  (If you're interested in becoming a Hypnotic Yarn  Designs test knitter, you can sign up for more info.) Keep an eye out on that pattern release in the next several weeks.  Shhh!

I have a little story for y'all. My youngest daughter is in kindergarten and the class had a community section to learn about policemen, fire fighters, doctors, military, etc. The teacher asked for parents to come into the classroom and talk about their job.  I volunteered to speak to the children about my amazing yarn job.  We discussed how wool yarn is spun from sheep hair, how it is dyed, showed them the differences between hanks/balls/skeins/etc, and I showed them how to do knit and purl stitches.  I took several items I have knitted (shawl, socks, mitts, and this Lianna hat) to let them touch, feel and see how clothing is made.  Of course these items ended on the feet, hands, and heads of all 18 children in the classroom and I saw several kids rubbing the pompom all over their faces!  At the end, one child asked me if I like my job.  My answer was that I have the best job!  It is the best because knitting is something I love and they should strive to do what they are passionate about.  These are 6 year olds, so I'm not sure if they really understand that concept, but I hope they will remember it later in life! The teacher had all the children write thank you cards to the parents who came in.  Here is a copy of two of the letters I got back.  I found it awesome that their favorite part of the 'job talk' was touching all the things I brought. I hope I broadened their minds that textile designers are important to the community too.

^This one is my daughter's.  She drew me talking to the kids and definitely had to include my awesome pink project bag.


^This picture cracks me up because the stick figure kid is dreaming about wearing Lianna!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read our first Hypnotic Yarn blog post!  Posts coming soon are Lianna Mitts (when the pattern releases) and June's Yarn Club skein (after it is shipped and received).

Until next time, happy knitting!

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  • May 10, 2018

    Colors of this hat is really hypnotic and I loved it very much. Cards that kids gave you is also a very cute gesture. Thank You for this refreshing blog.
    Helen Ellison

    — Helen Ellison

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