February yARNaBLE Featured Maker: Nancy of Taffy2You


Our second Featured Maker in the Feburary yARNaBLE box is Nancy, the owner of Taffy2You. We chatted with Nancy to learn about her and her business. She told us the most wonderful story of why she created Taffy2You.

Nancy is such a great story teller, that I leave the story in exactly her words:

"When I was a little girl my uncle Albin would drive from the farm into town on Saturday nights to visit me and my 4 sisters and he would always stop first at the local grocery store and buy a huge bag of candy. We would stand on the couch by the front picture window, pull back the curtains and jump for joy when he pulled up in the driveway.

We would greet him at the door with hugs and kisses, demanding to know what sweet treat he had brought for us. The five of us girls would swarm him and he would laugh and hand over the candy to be immediately ripped open and split into 5 equal piles. Having sorted the loot we would then run off and stash it away in a secret hiding place.

As kids we always had enough for the basics and plenty of love…but the budget never stretched to any kind of sweet treats. When Albin brought us those candy treats we felt special and loved.

Years later when I started my business it just felt natural to have candy included in our offerings and in hindsight I guess I was really modeling off the love and care my uncle always showed us and trying to pay it forward. Today we have a Taffy2You business that includes 3 generations (me, my daughters, and my mom).

We believe that everyone deserves to feel special and experience joy (hopefully daily) no matter who you are or how old you are. We just happen to have Taffy company so we make people feel special and joyful with taffy. If this is you then you are in the right place. Join us on a mission to share 1M taffy smiles!"

Don't you just love that story?!

Our next question to Nancy was, what is the most popular flavor? Though that is a difficult question to ask, she narrowed it down to Rad Raspberry, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (included in the yARNaBLE box!), Watermelon, Caramel Swirl, and Cotton Candy.

Nancy created a free quiz so you can figure out what is the best flavor for your personal preferences. Nancy's personal fav is Chocolate Caramel Latte (also in the yarnable box!)

Nancy offers a variety of flavors, including monthly and one time boxes. If you'd like to try out a subscription, use coupon code QUIZ30 for 30% off your first box!

Take the Quiz

Taffy2You Website

Written by Cheryl Ham

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