Featured Maker: The Hillside Owlery
Hi friends!
Today we have another Featured Maker from the February yARNaBLE box.  Miriam of the Hillside Owlery.  She offers stitch markers, progress keepers, and cross stitch project bags.Here is a little bit more about Miriam:

Hello! I’m so excited to be able to meet you all by way of my sweet little peppermint stitch markers that were included in this month’s Yarnable box!
My name is Miriam and I am the owner of The Hillside Owlery, an Etsy shop for handmade gifts for the crafty.  I am a night shift nurse living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles with my husband, Dave, our cat, Salem, and our crazy fish, Professor Pleicostamus. Our house is nestled against a hillside that is home to a family of at least three owls (although we often hear more!). Owls are kind of our mascot at this point, and our house is filled with owl coat hooks, owl cabinet handles, owl statues, owl paintings, owl pillows, owl curtain hooks...you get the picture.
I’ve loved crafting, drawing and creating of all types since my childhood. Back then, it was a way to connect to my mother and grandma. Now, it is a way for me to cope with the stresses and difficulties of life and to bring beauty and joy to my every day activities. In fact, I found I love being a Maker so much that I decided to open an Etsy shop that enables me to make and create to my heart’s content! 
I hope you get a chance to check out my shop on Etsy and you can also drop me a note anytime on Instagram via my handle @thehillsideowlery. Can’t wait to hear from you! -Cheers, Miriam

Thanks Miriam!
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